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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a new twist tonight in the scandal surrounding former c.i.a. director david petraeus, a married volunteer says she got harassing e-mails. >> that volunteer is speaking about her own relationship. live from the news room with where things stand. >> the woman who got those allegedly harassing e-mails says in a statement that she and her husband are friends of the family. those come about the growing questions about the timing of the affair. >> harassing e-mails about the woman having accused of having th tonight tampa resident jill kelly an unpaid volunteer for the military received those e-mails. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> members of congress say this
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was a shock and someone who investigated petraeus affair compromised national security. >> a huge concern. huge concern. >> folks downtown still can't believe the well respected petraeus would have an affair. >> you are a public figure and you are representing the governmente more than yourself. >> petraeus resigned just before lawmakers were scheduled to question him this week about the september 11th terrorist attacks on the base in benghazi. >> i still get my stomach in a knot thinking about those people. no help. no answer to their calls. >> lawmakers say petraeus still may be called to testify. >> that still could happen at some point in time. >> some question if the affair was kept under wraps until after the election. >> the timing i think from our point of view was poor. it should have been done sooner.
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>> the white house says the president first learned the day after the election. >> petraeus had been scheduled committees on thursday about the attacks in libya. now those same committees are going to meet on wednesday to talk about his affair. >> tom we should note that we're learning more details about jill kelly in addition to saying that she and her husband are friends with the prer trace family in a statement earlier kelly asked for privacy. kelly served as an unpaid social liaison for mcdill air force base in tampa. >> it is veterans day and this morning president obama paid tribute at arlington national cemetery. the president laid the wreath. after the ceremony the president praised the sacrifices of american servicemen and women an their families. president obama said more needs to be done to honor their service not just on this day but every day. >> thousands gathered at the vietnam veterans memorial to honor those who sacrificed
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their lives during one of the most controversial wars. this year marks the 30th anniversary for the memorial also known as the wall. the names of more than 58,000 americans who died in vietnam are etched into the memorial. >> there's no rank. there's just a name. you don't even have branch of service. the sacrifice is the same no matter whether you were a private or a general. >> when the memorial designed was initially unveiled it was controversial. and now the memorial is one of the sites every year. >> people also gathered at the world war ii memorial. and i was honored to be part of today'sony honoring not only america's greatest generation but also the members who have sacrificed so much to keep america safe. legislation to build the memorial was first introduced back in 1987 but it took about six years for that bill to pass. the memorial finally opened in 2004. >> as times change so does technology including how we
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share photos and memories with family and friends. and that is especially true today as we remember our veterans. now with that story from the united states marine corps wall memorial. >> sites allow us to share with the world our pride and our gratitude. >> i joined the marine corps in 1949 when i was 18 years old. >> on the day we salute veterans. >> it's a day to remember service and sacrifice. >> we are reminded that so many of the stories that shaped our nation begin and end at the monuments honoring those who heard the call. >> i was in vietnam. >> for veterans like marine pete dela santos. >> in korea. >> these icons in bronze, granite and stone forge and define countless families including his. >> out of five brothers, three of us were marines. one was air force, one was
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army. >> the men who gave their lives or part of themselves for us allowed a country to progress at a remarkable rate. so as i per used facebook on veterans day i was touched by all the images of veterans posted by friends, relatives coworkers and people i only know by computer screen. they posted pictures of their husbands, and their fathers including mine. there was so many sawyer who repaired the saber jets. john frances who supported the fighting group. and then there was gloria moore's older brother who died in a plane crash over the pacific. he was looking for men lost at sea. in pride and gratitude we remember. connecting to our past with only a click or two. but it took richard his whole life to visit washington, d.c.'s memorials. >> sempler fy. >> and to have endured for his
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family and his nation, we say thank you. >> i'm proud that i served for my country. >> we've got to wonder what service men of war's past would think of things like the internet let alone facebook and twitter. during wartime they most commonly communicated with pencil and paper. >> thank you. and if you have a photo of a vet that you would like to share with us we are creating a photo g make sure they are in uniform and tell us something about them. >> we certainly lucked out on the weather on this vearneds but changes are heading our way. >> we could enjoy this even org should enjoy this evening and the overnight and tomorrow even though we'll have our forecast big changes that you will definitely feel by tuesday. 54 degrees. reagan national airport. 59 at fredericksburg already dropping in the 40's.
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satellite radar we started off mainly clear skies. now clouds are just beginning to approach the valley, the potomac highlands and with the clouds dry for tonight but get ready. we have showers and colder may see a little patchy fog early in the morning. 50-55 degrees. sunrise around 6:50. talk the cold front how much rain we will get. and when everything will clear out of here in just a few minutes. >> ok. the hunt is on tonight for two men who shot and critically wounded the manager of taco bell restaurant around 1:00 this morning in maryland. the manager had to run next door to a gas station to buy something and was on his way back to the restaurant when the two men ambushed him. customers were shocked to hear what happened. >> right here? wow, that's crazy. i didn't hear anything about it. >> this is unbelievable. this is a really good store.
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>> the manager is in critical condition tonight. howard county police are asking anyone with information about this case to give them a call. >> an amtrak train that was heading to the distribute is on hold because of a csx train derailment. our news partners have learned the train derailed just north of richmond. passengers on board train 66 will be bused to their final destinations which for some include union station. >> more than a week has passed since sandy hit the new york-new jersey area. an update on when power could be restored to thousands of people on long island. >> take a look at this video. a number of indianapolis houses destroyed in an explosion. why investigators may be changing their minds on what may be the cause. >> and why this may lose their homes for refusing to pay
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were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >> more than 50,000 customers
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are still without power tonight on long island in new york and those people lost power after sandy only to get it back again and then lose it this past week. today power company officials say the primary cause is damaged or flooded equipment belonging to customers and not the company. but that's not stopping many people from expressing their anger and frustration. >> i'm often asked the question when will it be 0. the system is very dynamic day in and day out. there are outages for a series of reasons. and as we continue to work the outages as a result of hurricane sandy and the following blizzard we will continue to take on outages. >> officials say they are also waiving a rule that prevents owners from hiring their own electricians. >> getting new details about a massive explosion that damaged dozens of homes in an indianapolis neighborhood. federal investigators have ruled out a bomb or meth lab as a cause of that explosion.
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31 homes were damaged or destroyed in last night's blast. at least two people were killed. the blast caused more than $3.5 million in damages. it's still unclear what triggered this. >> he refused to pay his water bill. now burton may lose his home. he lost his job when the show the wire went off the air. he got a bill for over $1,000. turned over the private debt which put a lean on his home. between legal fees and interest burton now owes about $5,000 and if he doesn't pay up he could own it to foreclosure. say good-bye to the warmer weather we've been experienci
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>> it was unusually warm today. >> caught people off guard. temperatures have been in the 40's and 50s and then -- >> i had a parka out and has to get rid of it. we have a change in weather on the way and it's going to get a lot colder as we move through the next couple of days. we have tonight and tomorrow to enjoy. mainly clear skies to the east
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but clouds beginning to roll in from the west. 54 at reagan national airport. high today 71 degrees. the last time it was this warm on october 27, now we're looking at temperatures below average for the upcoming work and schoolweek and i say below average i'm talking only in the upper 40's to 50 degrees. look where we are right now. it's still 58 at dulles. if we widen the view out a little bit we'll show you what's going on in terms of our temperatures on the weather bug network. 51 degrees the current reading. arlington now at 53 and then final stop takes us into the district looking at 57. here are the temperatures once again. look what's to the west of us. a strong cold front.
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minneapolis only at 23 this hour compared to what it was yesterday at this time it is about 43 degrees colder. this is the cold front that moves our way tomorrow clouds will start to increase but ahead of it look at the southwesterly flow warming our temperatures up nicely. we'll see a little patchy fog early tomorrow morning but nothing that's going to amount to a whole lot. satellite and radar high pressure will move off the coast. once this front moves by a the winds change direction more out ofring the colder air. 48 49 for high temperature on wednesday. cold front right now moving through milwaukee, chicago, down towards st. louis. and then we'll look through the heavier rain by this time tomorrow night into early tuesday. clouds will fill in the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures i think are a little bit underestimated on our future cast here. i'm still seeing temperatures into the mid 60s and a little
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sunshine into the morning maybe warmer than that. but by tuesday afternoon skies begin to clear western maryland . temperatures tuesday dinnertime at 36 degrees. look at the temperatures downtown d.c. in the middle 40's, a good indication on what's on the way. day time highs tom will be in the 60s. patchy morning fog. a look at our extended outlook will show our temperatures that are going to drop. wednesday into thursday and friday. below average readings. the good news once we get all this rain out of the way on tuesday morning we're not going to have to deal with anything in terms of precipitation for a good four to five days. no rain, no snow. >> just cooler temperatures. >> well forget about the n.f.l. a lot of people thousands, millions of people were tuned in to d.c. united.
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>> no wind forget about that for d.c. united. but perhaps next sunday. known as the black and red but today all they saw was red. talk about not shocking. another rough day for michael vick. we'll have an
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>> two d.c. united starters were out of the lineup for today's game. the black and red had even more odds against them. houston is unbeaten at home. 27th minute. with the speed break away bad angle still hits the post and then puts it away. doesn't get prettier than that. but 51st minute this happens.
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a break away and andre just cleans it up off the cross. game's tied up at 1. then the fourth goal in four games. houston is unbeaten at home. goes on to win 3-1. united will have to win at home next wednesday to tie the series. >> the redskins were off today but the show went off. tony romo era the cowboys are known for giving up fourth quarter leads or just failing to close but today the tables turned as the cowboys scored two touchdown returns in a minute. the big story was michael vick. he suffered a concussion. two consecutive hits. the biggest coming from jay rat live. vick went straight to the bench recovering. his backup actually came in and stood strong for a while. up until this. brandon car came up huge with
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the interception and look at him go. no one's even near him. returns it for the touchdown 47 yards eagle have now lost five straight for the first time in 14 years. first place giants in cincinnati. first possession of the game. all the time. he hits a wide open. aj green 56 yards. jumped to a lead. it was an awful day for giants offense. eli manning sacked. don't want him on your fantasy team today. giants are now 6-4. meanwhile in baltimore the raiders came to town. they didn't rein much anything though. up the middle untouched. 7 yards. baltimore goes up 27-10. look at john. says it all right there with the facial expressions. got to love that. fourth quarter. jones 5-yard and as i say it
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he's already 30 yards gone. 55 points and win it 55-20. if you haven't heard of smith rivera get used to saying his name. the freshman stepped up big today scoring 19 points. couple that with an 8-0 run here you have it. pre-season. all-american porter. gets hit in the eye. had to leave the game. it was so bad. but he did come back. his teammate comes up with the steal. making it 41-35. continues to dominate. and a little finger roll to lay it in. elsewhere the georgetown women upset 11th ranked delaware today and congratulations to the maryland men's soccer team. they won their third title in the last five seasons with a
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2-1 win over north carolina today. sorry, pam. >> there are probably one or two tickets left. >> there's a lot. it will be a big match. >> thanks. >> the video you're about to see may look like an accident but it's really a robbery in progress. >> we're going to tell you
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>> a clerk in tennessee didn't
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break into an atm. he just took the whole thing with a stolen fork lift. the thief just rolled up to the atm and jammed the lift into it. the atm was unloaded to the bed of a stolen truck. they were found in the woods but the money from inside the atm was not surprisingly gone. steve has a
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and a frozen butterball turkey just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> we are following a breaking story where crews are battling a house fire. this here is a photo from twitter of the home on fire. we are told that no one was hurt. quite a scene. >> changing directions here. and the day tomorrow looking not so bad but not as pretty as it was today. clouds are going to increase and then grab your umbrella if you plan on getting home later tomorrow evening.
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you won't need it during the morning hours but by tomorrow night into early tuesday strong cold front will arrive and knock our temperatures down to the upper 40's for daytime highs on wednesday. >> that's cold. >> thank you for being here with us. we'll be
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>> with each passing day the deadline to the fiscal cliff gets closer. >> details on what it will take to avoid going over and what will happen if we do. >> in his first official appearance the president signaled to republicans that he is primed for battle. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> unless he and congress come to a deal the fragile u.s. economy is headed towards something called the fiscal cliff. >> on january first, $6 trillion in tax increases that
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will hit all working americans and $1.2 trillion in spending cuts leading to another recession. the big question is whether the bush tax cuts should expire. the president says they should. it's a case he made over and over on the campaign trail. tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts. yesterday john boehner told die an that is a nonstarter. >> i made clear yesterday that raising tax rates is unacceptable. and frankly it couldn't even pass the house. >> still today the president said the debate had been settled. >> this was a central question during the election. it was debated over and over again and on tuesday ni


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